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Fire Shutters

A common regulatory feature on buildings where the risk of fire and its containment is essential , such as kitchen areas. Our range of Flameshield Fire Shutters are manufactured and installed in accordance with the latest regulations and approved standards of BS476:Part22:1987.

Protecting Your Windows from Fire and Smoke Damage

Specification takes the traditional Steel Roller shutter which can be used normally on a day to day basis and enhances it to provide fire barriers of between 1 and 4 hours. Activation is provided via the fire alarm system or a separate fusible link which triggers a powered decent of the curtain.

There are security shutters available for both windows and doors that have been created purely with the dangers of fire and smoke in mind. These marvels of manufacturing are built with the sole purpose of making sure that fire and smoke cannot spread through the property easily. As soon as these solid steel shutters are down, they keep whatever is inside contained for long enough to ensure that it is controlled until the fire services arrive to tackle the blaze.

The products have timers and heat sensors that are set off when a building reaches a certain temperature. The shutters will then come down and the fire will spread no further, keeping the windows and doors safe and secure. Timers can be set to give people inside ample time to get out, and they can be manually operated to ensure no one is left inside and cannot escape.

Whether your property is a school, an office building, a retail or industrial property, having products of the highest possible quality created to the top level of industry standards is essential, and Advance Security can provide all of this and more.

Quality Fire Protective Products from Advance Security Screening

We are a long-established professional company with extensive experience in providing physical security solutions to homes and businesses in the UK. We provide an unrivalled level of customer service, and all of our staff are passionate about offering you physical security products that are tailored to your individual needs.

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Flameshield Fire  Shutter Specification


Solid 20 Gauge Galvanised Steel , in 75mm Curved Laths, interlocked with endlocks and Galvanised T section Bottom Rail.


Galvanised Steel Endplates of 300mm to 350mm with a 45 degree chamfer to the front edge , enclosed by a sheet steel Cover , supporting a Barrel on which the curtain is attached.


120mm or 150mm wide Galvanised Steel Channels for either reveal or face fixture.


Electric via Tube Motor or 3 Phase geared electric motor, which has an integral controlled descent mechanism, emergency hand chain facility and push button starter. Activation is provided by means of a fire relay / solenoid release integrated  via the connected fire alarm system or a fusible link when independent.

Principally the tube motor fire shutter requires a maintained supply. Where this is not present then the shutter will require a battery back up unit. If under fire conditions there is a power failure, the shutter must have a means of ensuring closure, the unit provided will give the facility for at least one operation under fire conditions.


100% Powder Coat in a wide range of RAL Colours with the option of Headbox and Guides only.

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