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Fire Protective Shutters

Fire shutters are designed with an extremely important task in mind: The prevention of fire and smoke spreading through a building and causing damage to your property.

The average fire shutter can provide up to 4 hours of fire and smoke prevention, which can be crucial in giving the fire department the time to get to your property and manage the fire. Many buildings now have fire regulations in place and this means that fitting special fire shutters is mandatory to ensure the safety requirements are being met. Fire shutters are designed for infrequent use and are left in the open position until they are required. Our fire shutters are all made to the highest possible manufacturing standard and meet all the require safety regulations.

Turnbull - Shutter with steel sheet

We supply a variety of fire protective products

Fire shutters come in two different types: Manual and electric.

Manual fire shutters are self-coiling shutters that is fitted with a heat link which means that if the heat in the building hits a certain temperature, the link will melt and the shutter will be released and come down. Manual shutters can also be operated by hand with a chain mechanism for ease of use.

Electric fire shutters are predominately linked to an alarm system that releases the shutters when triggered. There is a pre-set option on the system that enables you to set a certain amount of time before the shutter comes down after the alarm goes off. This gives your workforce a chance to get out of the building, which is larger properties like factories may require a little longer to evacuate all the people inside.

Whether you chose a manual or electric fire shutter, you can rest assured that you are protected to the highest standard that you possibly can be in the event of a fire. It is a huge weight off your mind when your properties security needs are being met.

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