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Hinged Bar Gate

Hinged Security Gate individually manufactured to fit over a doorway, constructed of Vertical Fixed Bars of 16mm and 19mm solid round bar at 125mm centres , threaded and welded within a box section surround frame with horizontal tie bars every 600mm in height.

Arched steel sheeted garden gate, inside, closed
Hinged gate locked
Arched steel sheeted garden gate, inside, open
Hinged gate open

The aesthetic appearance can be enhanced by decorative scrolls between the bars. Any form of locking can be provided including the provision of access control hardware.Security is further enhanced by a full length anti – jemmy strip . Standard finish in exterior etch and powder coat. Security gates can also be utilised in perimeter security , for example across alleyways and passages . When customised with overhead panels and anti climb spikes along with the implementation of steel plates to negate vision and footholds for scaling they become formidable barriers to access.


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Peace of mind in trusting in a company with personnel who have over 20 years of expertise to provide you with a professional survey to appraise your needs and provide a range of cost effect solutions.

As a customer you will benefit from ASS as a manufacture:

  • Your grilles will be custom made ,fitting and blending to their location for optimium strength and discretion.
  • Our total in house production results in a high speed of turnaround to protect your property.
  • Flexibility in tailoring the product with locking options and colour finishes.
  • Expert installation from our own fitters.
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We were left high and dry by another well known Roller Shutters company in regard to proposed delivery times. Harry at Advanced Security Screening stepped in and surveyed and installed new fire shutters within a week!

Jo and Kevin Barbour from Surrey
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