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Security for Schools

The size and multiple block layout of typical schools  , together  with their increasing community use during weekends and in the evenings , provides a challenge for effect protection and usage.

Clearly an approach has to be made to single out areas of vulnerability and valuable resources to be prioritised for security while still allowing unhindered circulation within the site.

school building shutters

As a Company we provide economic and formidable forms of security against breakins through the perimeter windows and doorways , whether strength and deterrent are the primary factors or the flexibility to open and close enabling an unobtrusive view when the classroom is occupied.

For internal protection unobstrusive products can be used across corridors to seal off particular departments and building wings. Installations can cover IT suite doorways , storage rooms , laboritories and administration offices  thus adding protection and deterrent from a breach from within the building.

In other forms we also supply Fire Rated Roller Shutters for the utilisation over the kitchen serverey areas , in accordance with current Fire Regulations. Our products have been utilised for their compact nature and durability in Sports Hall and gyms for the storage of equipment.

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Great Products Provided By An Experienced and Trusted Company

Our security shutters are designed to withstand anything from adverse weather to vandalism, so if your schools windows and doors are protected by these great products, you will have nothing to worry about. These products are created to withstand anything, and the materials used include steel and aluminium, which means nothing is going to be getting through.

Our shutters can be painted virtually any colour, so they can look sleek and modern and fit into the aesthetic of the school, because nobody wants their school to look like a prison.

We can alter our specifications to meet you in the middle and create something to keep your school safe and secure. If you would like to know more about the vast array of security products the dedicated team here at Advance Security Screening are able to provide for you and your property, why not get in touch with them today on 0800 458 1135? With an abundance of industry experience coupled with our unrivalled level of customer service, we are certain you will find exactly what you are looking for here with us.

From Our Customers…

We were left high and dry by another well known Roller Shutters company in regard to proposed delivery times. Harry at Advanced Security Screening stepped in and surveyed and installed new fire shutters within a week!

Jo and Kevin Barbour from Surrey
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