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5 Security Life Hacks – Protecting your home whilst you are away

Posted on 13 May 2014

We all know that what you really need to keep your home safe is a full-blown security system (complete with security shutters and reinforced doors and windows) but that isn’t practical all of the time, nor is it financially viable or aesthetically pleasing. We install thousands of security shutters every year but a security system complete with surveillance cameras and trip alarms could be just going a little too far for most people.So that’s why we’ve come up with some Security Life hacks you can use to help keep your home safe from intrusion and burglary.

Hack #1: Secure The Perimeter

We don’t mean install cameras and infra-red laser detection systems, complete with armed guard dogs (although that would be amazing), we simply mean implement the basics in security. Ensure that garden hedges (front or back) are trimmed and kept tidy, with fences in good condition and nothing overgrown. By keeping things neat it’s obvious to passers-by that the house is occupied and someone is about on a daily basis. Blown over bins and rubbish, piles of leaves and any other items left lying about is a giveaway that there might not be anyone home. So don’t give that impression if you can help it!

Hack #2: Garage Security

The garage is one of the most common places for thieves to gain entry, along with loose or open windows and you must be vigilant when it comes to garage entry points into the house. Many homes are built with a garage entry, so if thieves break into the garage, they can break into your home easier. Mainly this is because they’ll be inside, breaking into your home which alleviates the pressure of worrying about anyone seeing them. Install a floodlight above the garage door to switch on when it detects motion. They are relatively cheap and work well to deter would-be burglars from even attempting a break-in, especially when it lights up your driveway like a Christmas tree.

Hack #3: Timer Lights

Timer lights are not just great for outside protection. They work as a great deterrent inside the house as well. If you are away for a weekend or on a holiday for any length of time it’s worth investing in some timer lights for the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Just having that “activity” going on at certain times of the day won’t arouse suspicion with potential burglars.

Hack #4: DIY Your Windows

Sliding doors can be a problem security-wise, as the older design means they can be broken easily and they can be popped off the frame. But there is a way to make it more difficult for burglars. By using a dowel or steel bar you can stick it in the groove of the frame which will block it from sliding. Obviously, you should lock all doors and windows anyway but by using DIY pins you can make it so windows can only go out so far, making it twice as hard for people outside trying to get in. Ultimately, that’s the name of the game. Make it so hard for them they’ll give up or better still, not even try.

Hack #5: Prepare the neighbours

Although you don’t want to advertise the fact you are going away, it’s always best to have a few people you can rely on, whether it’s close neighbours or family members who can come over and sort stuff out when you need it. If you are away, post will need removing from postboxes/inside the door, bins will need taking in/out and just a general check over of the property is advisable when it’s empty for long periods of time. Curtains should be left appropriately; this could mean they are half closed or partially closed with blinds down behind them or blinds turned at an angle. Decide which is best for you but for peace of mind it’s best to have someone nearby who can keep an eye on things.

There are many more cheats available for protecting your home but a lot of them involve some cost. But when it comes to protecting your home, spending a little could save you a lot in the future.






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